This article is designed for those who wish to have a better understanding of the services provided by NWA reporting, namely, the purpose and significance of the medical legal report, as well as information required for producing one.

Sections of the report

Medical Legal Report consists of an audiogram, produced in a complete audiological assessment. Attending an appointment for this purpose is not compulsory. Those who have had a recent and relevant hearing evaluation done, do not need to attend the second one solely for the purpose of compiling this report.

Apart from the audiogram whose purpose is to indicate the current state of your hearing and the percentage of the hearing lost, the report also includes a summary of all circumstances that may have attributed to the hearing loss. This summary encompasses a detailed employment history, a medical history, as well as any relevant avocational activities. This information is provided by you. We will get in touch and go through a questioner together. The questioner is designed to gather the relevant data, so nothing is forgotten.

The employment history

A detailed employment history is meant to provide a record of the type of work environments you have been involved with throughout your career. The questions you may get asked concern the names of your current and past employers, the period you have spent with each one of them, the type of tools you were using while working as well as the tools those around you used, the amount of time you spent in the noise daily etc.

The medical history

The medical history is used to see whether there are any medical conditions present which could have affected your hearing the similar way the noise does.  Certain illnesses and medical treatments affect hearing and it is important to know whether that is the case with you, and to which extent.

Avocational activities

As the injury in question is the noise-related hearing loss, the relevant avocational activities involve any activities you have taken part in during the course of your life where you may have been exposed to noise. This includes, for example, military service, car racing, hunting, heavy duty DIY etc.

With all of these in place, a medical professional is able to draw a conclusion and state their opinion about the causation of the hearing loss, based on the evidence. The time period required for the making of the medical legal report is from one two three weeks, depending on your availability.

The purpose

The report produced in such manner can be used as an initial report when evaluating a correlation between a person’s hearing loss and the exposure to noise in their work environment. Alternatively, one may seek our assistance in creating a second medical opinion report, at any point in the process of applying for compensation for their hearing loss as an occupational injury.

Everything aforementioned is used purely to help you understand the process of creating a report and its purpose. Information provided is general and you should not rely on it entirely to speculate about your specific case, rather feel free to talk to one of our friendly staff to get more details.

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